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At iDispatch, we take pride in helping transport companies maximize productivity with little additional effort! Imagine spending less time worrying about your operator’s location or thinking if he would get to a particular place on time. What if you could focus more on growing your company while your operators continue to deliver amazing results?

With iDispatch Operator, achieving these things will become child’s play!

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Awesome features of iDispatch app

  • Real-time Operator Tracking

    Reveals operator's location, speed limit and provides accurate information on trips.

  • Send Users a Tracking Link

    With Tracking Link, a user can send a link with an expiration date and time to allow others to track an operator.

  • Reports on Operators’ Activities and Movement

    A operator’s activities in the last 72 hours can be retrieved from the app.

  • Effective Communication with Operators

    IDispatch Operator allows transport companies to send and receive messages from operators. Custom alerts can also be sent in case of emergency.

  • Sending of Address from a Company to its Operator

    The “send address” feature allows a company to forward an address through the app. Once the operator acknowledges the receipt of message, the navigation to that particular address will be activated.

  • Alarm Feature to Keep Track of Operators

    If a operator does not cover a specified distance within a period of time, the alarm feature immediately notifies the company of the situation on ground.



Click on the top right of the website to create a new FREE account

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Log into the website and click on the Invitations tab on the left menu.Search and invite the operator of your choosing or invite a new operator by clicking on the Invite New Operator tab on the top right

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Anyone can be given access to track your operators by creating a tracking link

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You can connect with anyone you like by either sending them an invitation or asking them to download the iDispatch Operator App from the Apple APP Store or Google Play

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Search for the Operator in the Invitations page and send them an invite

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Communicate with your operators and take full advantage of the app

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Download iDispatch Dispatcher by clicking on any of the buttons below

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Email: info@idispatch.com

Your satisfaction is our top priority! For more information and for further enquired, contact iDispatch Team at the following details

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